Tuesday, 9 August 2011


With the advent of modern science and technology, human civilisation has undergone a tremendous progress, which radically transformed our way of life and contributed to the increasing sophistication of our society. This is unprecedented in the whole history of human civilisation, as for the first time ever; we have complete dominion over our environment and can build and advance our civilisation at will to every corner on Earth. However, we are still at the mercy of natural disasters and the looming threat of climate change cast doubt on our ability to preserve the technologically advanced society we have built since about a century ago.

Our Belief
We do not advocate saving our civilisation by mitigating climate change since it will ultimately proved to be a futile effort. Even if we can stop the Earth from warming now, there is no guarantee that some other natural or cosmic disaster will not happen and decimate all life on Earth, including human civilisation itself. As such, we are also opposed to the environmentalist movement as we don’t think that the conservation of Earth’s ecosystem can be sustained forever. Therefore, in order to prepare for the inevitable destruction of Earth’s safe haven for life, we must invest in technologies that will ensure that humans can still thrive under an environment hostile to life, and to enable us to leave Earth itself when our home planet is destroyed in a disastrous cosmic event. We have no pity and appreciation towards the preservation of natural plant and animal life because we believe that the only thing worth preserving on Earth is human ingenuity and civilisation, which we foresee to spread to other parts of the universe.

Our Mission
At present, there is not a widespread interest and activity in developing technological capabilities to enable us to live in harsh environments not conducive to human life. Human civilisation is bound to perish if we do not do anything to cope with and survive beyond the destruction of planet Earth. Therefore, we pledge our support to any effort that seek to preserve our civilisation by developing technologies which allow humans to live in a future Earth where a viable ecosystem can no longer exist, with the aim of eventually transferring such technologies to other similarly desolate planetary bodies. We are strongly committed to invest in human survivalist research, and will support any institution that work towards the ultimate preservation of human civilisation on Earth and beyond. Our main short-term goal is to build the world’s first underground city, which is independent from outside resources to sustain its population. We do not rule out installing artificial plant and animal life in this city if it is necessary in order to achieve self-sufficiency.

Our Vision
We have a strong appreciation for human civilisation, and wish for its preservation beyond a post-calamitous Earth. The plan to build the world’s first underground city is a first step towards the survival of our civilisation, with the hope that its construction and eventual functioning as a self-sufficient hub for human society will lay down the groundwork for any future endeavour in this direction. We want to see such cities proliferate on Earth, especially under the ocean to prepare for the inevitable rise of sea level as a result of global warming. When conditions on Earth become unbearable even for human populations inside enclosed self-sufficient cities, we have to leave Earth and propagate our civilisation elsewhere in the universe. Therefore, we would like to see space-faring capabilities be built into such cities in the future in order to ease our eviction from Earth and to pave the way for a smooth transition of our civilisation to other planets. Our long-term goal is for our civilisation to be able to establish colonies across the universe with these spaceship cities, and to build a system of communication and transport between them for the purposes of fostering cohesion and unity between human populations separated by the great distances of outer space.


Hi everyone,

I am planning to start a foundation called the Foundation for Human Survival. At this stage, I've only written the mission statement and the purpose of this foundation, which will be presented in the next post.

The reason I started this blog is to get exposure and to get people to know about and possibly support the cause of this foundation. I'm particularly interested in specific legal and financial help from an attorney and accountant in order to get this foundation started.

My aim is to set up this foundation in the United States, but I am not a citizen. Any advice on the viability of a non-US citizen to establish a foundation in the US is greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, please read my mission statement and feel free to comment on it. If you agree with this cause and want to be part of it and contribute in any way, please contact me.